Yoga in Vila do Bispo

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Tuesdays, 4pm

Yin & Hatha Yoga Class in Vila do Bispo

This Yin & Hatha Yoga Class is ideal for releasing, after a surf, letting go, creating space in the body and mind and stretching both, fascia and muscles. It is for everyone who seeks for a balance of Yin and Yang, passive and active.

The first part of the class will be Yin: realeasing, creating space, working on the fascia in the body and being still.

We will then start moving and become more active: engaging our muscles, twisting and stretching with the breath.

Gift yourself with

60 minutes for body, mind and soul.


Tuesdays, 4pm
60 minutes


Moinho Calmo, Vila do Bispo
Algarve, Portugal

How much?

€ 10,- drop in 

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We all know the days when we wish we would have given our body something back with stretching, opening and also strengthening for the next surf, hike or bike-ride.

Yin Yoga is the ideal counter part to all the active movements in our life, wether it is working in the garden, sitting in front of the computer or simply walking. Thats why this class includes both, a passive and an active part. To give something back by dropping into Yin and also to move and feel.

Each week the focus will be on a different part of the body.

Join me on the mat for Yoga in Vila do Bispo!