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To be alone can be understood in so many ways, has so different meanings for people and an individual feeling deep inside for every person. To me “being alone” has a very divers meaning as I felt like it was following me through my whole live since ever.

Alleine sein, das kann so vieles heißen und fast jeder versteht darunter etwas ganz was anderes, empfindet über diesen Zustand komplett individuell.

love what you do – do what you love Often the Hashtag #lovemyjob is related to sarcasm, but I wanna state, once for more, that I really do love my job. Absolutely and truly. I wake up in the morning before the alarm goes off. I love going to work and spending time with my ambitious and supporting colleagues. I love the tasks I have, the new ideas we share, the things I learn and that challenge me. Every single day. And YES! Sometimes I am very surprised about that

To travel has always been a big dream of mine. But I was more one of the shy people, who needed other people to support. I kinda had the feeling that I needed an outside opinion to be able to embrace myself and I often was, and still am, afraid of doing things ALONE. I needed that little push. Someone else to enter the room first. It was quite tough, and that´s why I dedicated a whole post on its own about that topic. So how did I ended up traveling

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