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As I have been out of town for 6 weeks and knew that I would be traveling another 10 days after only 4 days at Vienna, I decided to save some money and allowed someone to take over my flat for two month. As some of you might know, after traveling a lot and not being at home, you just need a place where you feel comfortable. And I had not had that for a long time.

Dass ich mal einen besonders ehrlichen Eintrag ĂĽber Freundschaften schreiben werde, bzw. geschrieben habe ich ihn ja schon länger, aber lange hin und her ĂĽberlegt ob ich ihn denn nun wirklich veröffentlichen soll, habe ich noch vor kurzem nicht gedacht. Aber wie das Leben so spielt habe ich meine Gedanken zum Thema Freundschaften und deren Entwicklung vor geraumer Zeit niedergeschrieben. Und da es nun schon “auf Papier gebracht wurde”, enthalte ich euch diesen Beitrag natĂĽrlich nicht vor.

Riveted by the trailer of the movie “wild” I immediately knew, that I had to read the book and my trip to Florida was the perfect time to do so. I like reading at the gate or in the plane, even though I often fall asleep after some pages. Moreover I dream of the things I read, which is why I like positive books, books that are thought-provoking, as “wild”, written by Cheryl Stayed does.

German version below While I was writing my entry about (almost) losing my bag it made me think about the fact of losing things in general and I felt I had to write an own entry about that thoughts. Because the moment, when I realized, that my bad will not arrive at the airport as I did and realizing that probably all of my things I packed are gone, almost made me cry.

Ok – we all know that that moment will come some time. But as expected it did not come expected. How else, as none of us expects their luggage not to arrive and to be honest, we all intentionally try not to think of it, just to not conjure the situation. But that´s what happened to my on my last business trip to Switzerland. From KLU over VIE I had a flight to ZHR, taking clothes and stuff for one business travel week with me. 2.5 hours in Vienna to

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