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I have a good life. Of that I am sure. And times like this, like when I was back home in Vienna for a week, or now that Christmas is almost over, once again showed me how good it is. And I am happy about that. I appreciate it. I embrace it and try to make it even better by being a good person.

Just recently I was nominated for the “Liebster Award” which is a blog post roll out for up-and-coming blogs. Thank you Zoe from prettynormalgirl for nominating me. (For all of you who speak German please drop by at her blog! I translated the questions in English, as most of my blog is not written in German.) I will give you honest answers to some personal life questions, my feelings and thoughts.

So what did you get your loved ones for christmas this year? Did you search the web for like a thousand hours to find tips on what fits best to whom? Did you keep there zodiac signs in mind when deciding on the presents? Or did you go with a voucher for books or a huge retail store where they can get themselves whatever they want? To me all of this seems so absurd.

Coming back from New York, where I first felt the true strangeness of heavily armed military servicemen standing at public places such as Grand Central and Penn Station, thoughts were running wild in my head. I never could have imagined that just four days later, while I tried to sleep, but just could not – rolling around in my bed – something so terrifying would happen. Looking at my phone and seeing the headline of “die Welt” about attacks in Paris left me frozen.

This is what I need so badly right now. That is also why it has been “silent” on my blog quite long, although I managed to write some entries. But at the moment I don´t feel like I am ready to write a lot. I don´t know if you are familiar with that feeling, but sometimes you have a time in your life where you just wanna be with yourself, read a lot, watch interesting videos, meet up with people and question the world. When you wanna go out and enjoy, that

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