July 17, 2015 malindkate 2Comment

Ok – we all know that that moment will come some time. But as expected it did not come expected. How else, as none of us expects their luggage not to arrive and to be honest, we all intentionally try not to think of it, just to not conjure the situation. But that´s what happened to my on my last business trip to Switzerland. From KLU over VIE I had a flight to ZHR, taking clothes and stuff for one business travel week with me. 2.5 hours in Vienna to change flight was pretty relaxed and so I even could…

July 7, 2015 malindkate 4Comment

Traveling also means to organize and to have a good overview while still not forgetting the most important things. And although we all know which these items are, there is always this one thing, when I go for a trip that I forget. Its my toothbrush. And I am sure there you know what I am talking of. The harder you try NOT to forget something, the more you can be sure, that in the end there is something missing. (more…)

July 5, 2015 malindkate

klingende Stille ein rauschendes Nichts verpixelte Momente die das Polaroidpapier zerfressen und durch den Schein der endlosen Farbdichte ein neues Bild zaubern

June 30, 2015 malindkate 4Comment

I love combining city trips with sporty excursion, as it somehow gives me even more feeling for what else this place has to offer – besides the touristic cultural parts (which I by the way also like a lot!). And YES – you can surf in Lisbon – and when I read, that it takes only a short bus ride to catch some waves I immediately planned one day of our city trip to Lisbon and Porto in April to drive down to Costa da Capricia.   (more…)

June 28, 2015 malindkate

unnahbare Klänge die tönend den Punkt nicht finden und doch im Einklang mit der Farbe tanzend das Glück vollbringen. unbeschreibliche Ruhe.

June 26, 2015 malindkate 6Comment

OMG !!!!!! OK. I really did it – and no, it was not a weak moment, it was the very thing I wanted to do so long. Already last autumn I bought myself the Stefan Loose Sri Lanka travel guide and intended to go surfing over christmas and new years. Excited from the idea I tried to find someone who wanted to join me, but no one dared to take the step and actually book the flight, book the surf camp, just go. So I ended up unhappy and staying in Vienna again, afraid to just do it by myself. (more…)