The real me. The traveler.

Most of the time we are more ourselves than somewhere else while we are traveling. We are the true “me, myself and I” selfish travelers who (basically) don’t give a f** about anyone else. It appears to me, that living in one place, where there is a lot of consumption going on, influences me more than I even noticed. You turn into a multiple you. Changing your outfit, your personality, maybe even your attitude even within a day. When you leave work and meet up with friends. When you are with your family or just at home with your love. That is not possible while you’re traveling. You are just You. That´s what I love. Being me.

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My top 10 Instagram Moments 2015


As the year 2015 is now officially over, I wanted to share my top Instagram pictures with you. If you aren´t following me yet, make sure you do it NOW – klick! – 😛 Looking back my followers increased steadily and taking in consideration, that I started this blog in May I am very proud of my little “achievements” of far 🙂 T H A N K – Y O U to everyone who believes in me, reads this blog and supports me!
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All I want for Christmas .. X-Mas Gifts for Traveller

Wow! How time flies by! The third Advent Sunday is past and Christmas seems so close! Back home in Austria there will be snow for sure and people probably are getting theirselves into cosy christmas mood. Drinking Punch and eating Bratapfel – things I actually miss a little bit while I am traveling here in Central America and enjoy 30 degree sunshine on the Caribbean coast. Still I wanna get into Christmas mood and thought about some handy gifts for traveler. SO here is my personal Christmas wish list. I hope you´ll find something to write on your list for Santa 😉

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