November 22, 2017 malindkate 7Comment

Another year has passed, and this blog is getting quieter and quieter. I haven’t been writing a lot, you might think. But behind the scenes, speaking of IN MY LIFE, I was writing a lot of stories. I lived, in a way that I never thought I would live. And I am gonna tell you a secret. (more…)

August 5, 2017 malindkate 1Comment

Whenever I tell people that I´ve been traveling through Central America, they ask me, if I hiked a Vulcano. And Yes I did. I actually hiked two volcanos. Baru in Panama and Volcan Acatenango in Guatemala. Both of them are not active anymore, but the difference is, that close to Volcan Acatenango is the still erupting Volcan Fuego. (more…)

July 30, 2017 malindkate 2Comment

Most of the time we are more ourselves then somewhere else while we are traveling. We are the true I, the “me, myself and I” selfish travelers who (basically) don’t give a f** about anyone else. It appears to me, that living at one place, where there is a lot of consumption going on, influences me more than I even notice. You turn into a multiple you. Changing your outfit, your personality even within a day. When you leave work and meet up with friends. When you are with your family or just at home with your love. That is…

July 8, 2017 malindkate

Being from Austria, hiking always was somehow part of my outdoor adventures I started from the early age on. When I traveled from Portugal to Spain I looked up some interesting things to do close to Malaga – and found the Caminito del Rey. I fell in love with the views and decided: I NEED TO DO THIS! In this blogpost, you´ll find everything you need for a day to escape the summer heat of southern Spain’s cities. So off you go and enjoy the view 😉 (more…)

July 2, 2017 malindkate 2Comment

Most of you might have “somehow” noticed, that I´ve been working at Rapturecamps in summer 2016. And NO I was not a surf instructor 😉 As my last surf camp review (about the Lapoint Camp in Sri Lanka) was and still is one of the most read posts here, I wanted to give you a review on this camp as well. Of course, I am not gonna be writing my point of view. How life as a surf camp volunteer is going you can read in another blog post! So I asked some of the guests that stayed there during the…

July 2, 2017 malindkate 1Comment

As I´ve been volunteering in the Rapture Surfcamp in Ericeira Portugal, I thought I wanna give you some insights and a review on the camp. Therefore I asked several people who stayed there in 2016 and put up this post for you. Additional Hannah wrote so many details, that I decided to add a second review post, just with all her thoughts. Thanks girl for your effort, I really appreciate it! (more…)

June 25, 2017 malindkate 13Comment

So you wanna work as a Volunteer? This is how to get there: In this Blogpost, I summarised some helpful tips on where to find a job, how to choose the right one and how to get it and which ones you better don´t take. Plus some questions you should ask yourself before you are taking an unpaid job. (more…)